Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent conspiracy

I have been immersed for the last couple of weeks in Luke 10 and the story of the Good Samaritan. We have been preaching through the themes of 'The gospel in life' and it fell to me to tackle 'Justice'. As it happens, John Ortberg at Menlo Park is preaching through the same material which I haven't listened to but will be good. No doubt he probably got the idea from me:)

I have read and listened to a lot in my preparation. I read Generous Justice which I commend as a goto book on this subject. It's really well-reviewed here. I found Peterson's chapter in Tell it slant helpful. Don Carson here and Heidi Baker here ('The simplicity of love') are two very different takes on the same passage. I also listened to Keller's sermon on justice which brilliantly expounds Isaiah 58.

Justice often becomes a focus at Christmas. Lizzie as she led us in prayer this morning pointed us to the Advent Conspiracy. The basic message- less shopping and more focus on others and on God. Here here to that. You might like to use this in your church in the coming weeks.

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