Monday, December 21, 2009


Keller on criticism

A very helpful post on navigating through questions about evolution.

Here are some books and some more books and even more books.

John Howard Yoder ( H/T Scott McKnight)

Some amazing spontaneous worship (H/T Joe Thorn)

The many ways of destroying a church

And if you read a better illustration of the incarnation this Christmas then do let me have it.


Dietzy said...

Cookie - read the 'ways to destroy the church' piece from Don Carson - v evocative my friend...

In all, we have hope that 'the gates of hell will not prevail' - and that, especially today of all days (winter solstice) it is the light that penetrates the darkness, and not the other way around... There is nothing darkness can do, when it is exposed to the light, but be illuminated... Blessings. Dietzy

David Cooke said...

Thanks Matt-glad it was thought-provoking.