Saturday, December 05, 2009


A thought on Tiger Woods

Some good stuff on Keith Green and other bits and bobs.

Jared Wilson is on form with his piece on 'Sweat equity'

Outhere is having an 80's week so here is a bit of vintage Wimber

Driscoll asks "What is the Church?"

Keller in the New Yorker and his advice to Young Pastors

Matt Chandler who I blogged about a while ago and whose preaching has blessed and encouraged me is very sick and needs our prayer.

A friend is reading Outliers and is obsessed by the idea of 10k hours- so here is some vintage Gladwell


Clout said...

Re. Tiger Woods.
It is however, hard to remain a pious christian on the matter, when there are such good jokes doing the rounds.
For instance: Q. Why did he crash into a tree AND a fire hydrant?
A. He couldn't decide between a wood or an iron.

Anonymous said...