Saturday, October 17, 2009


After a talk on blogging at my diocese last week, I have been thinking about why I blog. My hope is simply that this blog might be a blessing to a few.

A dear friend tells me that he and his church in Canada have started to enjoy praying the Psalms after one of my posts. I am encouraged.

Matthew Parris on the touring bones that have been in the news this week.

" “The Plenary Indulgence ... A plenary indulgence is the complete remission of the temporal punishment due to sin.” Apparently Pope Benedict has declared a special grant of indulgences to pilgrims to these relics at Westminster. “One plenary indulgence may be gained each day and may be applied either to a soul in Purgatory or the pilgrim himself or herself.” A Lutheran rage rose in my gorge. Jesus would have been incandescent. I think I’m a Protestant atheist.

(H/T Redhill thoughts)

The internet monk has a few thoughts on Dawkins.

I went to listen to Dick Lucas this week at the invitation of Duke Street Church who are next door to me here in Richmond. He is still going strong at over 80- Psalm 71 v 18 comes to mind.

A couple of good blog posts from Keller (one about Willow Creek, a conference I attended last week) and a review of Counterfeit Gods.

The danger of being too popular as a preacher and one man does not like to be too practical.

Some new commentaries to check out and if you like your resources on-line expository link has been updated.

Brian McClaren has written a letter to Obama.

I listened to this from the Nines and agree that it was compelling.

One man visits the Jonathan Edwards centre-by the way I have finished my essay on the Nature of True Virtue (3884 words)!

By the way, Adrian Warnock who has blog I enjoy has written a book that is getting great reviews.

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