Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of my very few readers complained that I had failed in my blogging of late so here are a few things:

Thinking biblically about Facebook-HERE

7 kinds of pastors I'd run from-HERE

Give up-HERE

This is the motion of our next deanery synod: “This Deanery Synod (Richmond and Barnes) recognises the value and integrity of faithful, committed same-sex relationships, does not accept that they are “incompatible with scripture” and asks the Diocesan Synod to debate the eligibility for preferment and candidature for ordination of individuals in such relationships”. Those attending may do well to watch-HERE -for another view. I confess, on this one, I am somewhat at a loss for words but it is interesting to note reading HERE that Elton John seems uncertain about the nature of same-sex 'marriage'

Rowan's rule-HERE

God is useless-HERE

Learning how to pray-HERE

Learn to take criticism like a man-HERE

Lewis on the role of theology in faith-HERE

What do evangelical's do well?-HERE

Lloyd-Jones and Spurgeon resources discussed-HERE

Write better emails and receive less-HERE

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