Saturday, November 03, 2007

Is evolution so safe and cuddly?

Charles Moore's comments in the Spectator (24th October):

James Watson has been excoriated for saying that science proves that black people are less intelligent than white. I have no idea whether he is right, but it is a natural consequence of the worship of the theory of evolution that such ideas gain currency. In the early 20th century, Darwinian views were endlessly used to back up race theory. A more religious idea of the worth of each human being — the sort of thing which makes Richard Dawkins furious — affords protection against the political imposition of these theories. I should like a scientific study to be made of why it is that clever atheist evolutionists, almost invariably male, love shocking us with ideas of this sort

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McG said...

I saw him fall off his bicycle once in Oxford and he was furious then...I saw him on telly the other day looking like he might explode anytime...why is Richard Dawkins often furious?