Thursday, November 01, 2007

Keeping connected

I am a member of a book club that has been running for 5 years and in truth it is as much about food and friendship as it is about books. Some of our number rarely read the book and some always do and I suppose I am somewhere in between.( I have been a distinctly more off than on member! ). I enjoyed this months offering quite alot and it is an interesting commentary on how a person becomes radicalised and set against western culture and values. This book commended itself also because it is short and an easy read. We meet next week to share our thoughts.

I also like my dear friends because they keep me connected to the real world. They have real jobs, real lives and we read real books, mostly novels, and most of them aren't Christians. Church life can so easily and quickly leave you out of touch, irrelevant and detuned to our culture and its thinking. I do try and introduce reading with a more theological tone but so far all attempts have been rejected. It's my turn to choose this time, so who knows what will be selected. I am allowed to nominate three so had better decide on my selection. Favorite so far in my search is the new book by Barbara Kingsover and my more spiritual choice may be something by McClaren or Donald Miller.

If you haven't read Blue like Jazz do and give it to anyone who seeking after God.

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