Friday, October 05, 2007

Tough Choices

This is the book that Bill Hybels (Pastor of Willow Creek a mega-church in Chicago) bought for all 25 of his key leaders and insisted they read. I am half way through it and have to say I agree with Bill. Perhaps, because I worked for so long in business and understand well the environment of big companies (by no means to such I high level in my case) this is perhaps more interesting to me than to others. She tracks each stage of her education, her advance through the high-tech indistry and the pressures on leaderships of becoming the most successful business woman in America. She says lots of interesting things and comes across as capable, sincere, driven and extremly intelligent.

Here's a few of her thoughts:

'That night, after I'd cried long enough. I made a decision. I would not cry again over others predjudice. Sure, what people thought or said about me might hurt What people did might hurt as well, but I ould not carry their narrow-mindedness or bias as my burden. Life isn't always fair, and it is different for women than for men. I decided to accept that reality and refuse to be diminished by it. I would accomplish all I was capable of. I would concentrate on-doing what I believed where the right things for the right reasons to the best of my ability. Some, perhaps even many, might believe I couldn't or shouldn't, do what I choose. That would be their problem, not mine. They would not wound me again. I had decided once that my life was my own. Now I decided my heart would be my own as well' [page 70]

'Goals are important, but that night I realized that life is about the journey, not the destination. The steps along the way are what makes us who we are' [page 85]

'I have believed all my life that leadership has nothing to do with title or position. Leadership is about the integrity of one's charachter, the calibre of one's cababilities, and the effectiveness of one's collaboration with others. Anyone can lead from anywhere at any time. I have seen people lead from lowly as well as lofty positions...'

I am part of a book club and recommended this to them as our next read. It was soundly rejected so, not one to give up, I recommend it to all as one to put on the suitcase for the half-term holiday and see how you like it. I think it's truly inspiring stuff but feel free to disagree.

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