Monday, September 10, 2007

Who do we know?

I have been following the story of the McKans over the past few days in my early morning stupor of news radio. I confess to never entertaining the thought of them being suspects. It has though made me think about innocence and guilt. Listening to their friends I have been heartened by their support, belief and commitment but I can't help admitting to joining the thinks balloon asking 'Did they do it?' The answer is who knows, but imagine if that was you or I. On what basis do we change what we think about those we know? Evidence hopefully, particularly if you are the police one would hope. However, who do we really know and who have we let in enough that we can let them speak with confidence about our motivations or capability to do anything? I hope I have a few people in this bracket, but it is food for thought. I can't say I have advanced my thinking much on this but put it down just to get it out there.

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