Friday, December 29, 2006

A Festive Verse

We spend alot of time at Oxford thinking about weighty issues and dealing with the deep questions of life. To be honest, after nine weeks of it all, I have had a belly full. Hence, for my Christmas reflection I turn not to the scriptures or to the Church Fathers but instead to the poetry of my eight year old nephew. Verse such as this is surely good for the soul and made me laugh more than I have in ages. There is nothing better than school boy humour and this is it at its very peak. This has been recited repeatedly over the last few days and as the last line is spoken it is always followed by whoops of my nephew's giggles. Enjoy!

The was a young boy from Madras
Whose balls were made of brass
In wintry weather
They both clanged together
And sparks came out of his arse

Where, you ask, does a young poet get such inspiration for his work? I have to confess it is from his now deceased Grandfather who would compose little works of similar genius to entertain us on long car journeys. Here is one of my favorites from his collection.

There was a young man from Australia
Who painted his bum like a dhalia
The penny a smell
Was all very well
But tuppance a lick was a failure

All contribitions welcome.

Christmas Cheer to all.


Stotty said...

There was a fine chap called Cookie
Who craved a pint of Old Hooky
But with his girl he would try
To keep January dry
So he settled instead for some nookie

Gav said...

That nice but dim cove, name of Stott,
With a nose the size of a yacht,
Preached hell and damnation
To his congregation
And covered them all with his snot.

revtmcg said...

There's a fitness instructor called Gav
Whose shellsuits made him look like a chav
He created and led V.I.T
But now he gives less of a shit
So our fitness has gone down the lav

Vix said...

There once were some boys in the Bod
who were meant to be learning about God,
Pretending to be nerds
they just eyed up the birds
and couldn't have given a sod!