Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Blog-sweep

Rather the week of Rob Bell- a mountain of words spilled on his new book Love wins.

My pick for a flavour of the views- 1. David Fitch 2. Mouw 3. Bashir's fascinating reflections on the now famous interview. As it turns out his pastor is a man called Tim Keller who I may occasionally mention 4. Relitavizing the relitavizers 5. Eugene Peterson 6. The McClaren Moment

A few readers are concerned I am banging on about Romans and also one simply can't abide Piper. My prescription for all you non-Piper folks (there are many of you) is this man and also this excellent book that stunningly suggests that God may be at work in other places apart from the reformed church in the US. What a remarkable thought......

3 Kinds of Days (H/T Dash house)

It was in truth really the week of Japan and do watch this amazing footage that displays how quickly things were swept away. Keep giving and praying.

A world obsessed with Facebook

A artist friend sent me an email that just said 'This is cool"

Some advice on having two lists.

Tim Keller on beauty and duty

And listened to this talk by John Eldridge in my car and am left wondering who the villains are in my life?

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Saturday blog-sweep

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