Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Blog-sweep

1. It's hard to say how much I am enjoying The Pastor and no surprise it is not available on the Kindle...

2. If you want to understand the Tsumani Piper's interview I found very helpful so do make time to listen to this extraordinary Q & A on NPR.

3. After all the fuss about Rob Bell's book Tim Challies has a review having actually read it.

4. When I was skiing I was ironically blessed by a new song Like an avalanche off the new album Aftermath.

5. I enjoyed Jenny's thought on Lental paralysis

6. Not many of you should presume to be bloggers (H/T Dash house)

7. I have passed this talk on the cost of discipleship forward to many and it seems to have been a blessing.

8. Michael Hyatt has put me off (only a little bit) with his three questions you should ask.

9. Hard books.

10. Malcolm Gladwell caused a stir with his thoughts on twitter but I missed reading him and only read commentaries which is usually a mistake.

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Saturday blog-sweep

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