Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to get a coach

I spent an hour reading Michael Hyatt's Life plan which has some helpful things to say. It has got me thinking about coaching. (By the way I know it is a strategy to promote Thomas Nelson but it is a good and inspired one)

One of the books on the resources list that caught my eye was Becoming a coaching leader.

I don't have a coach (apart from Jesus...) but having the blog has opened my life to so many great thinkers and leaders who coach and inspire me. If I have any vision at all for blogging it is the hope that some of the collected wisdom that lands here might coach you and keep you running the race.

I am currently being coached for free by Mark Driscoll which is pretty cool. The latest edition is Terry Virgo on Spirit-filled leading. You can be too.

Have you ever wondered how you know if you are Spirit-filled? You might like to read this called How do I know if I am Spirit baptized?

Tim Keller says he is always reading The Lord of the Rings. I decided to buy a copy for my kindle which seems to lend itself to reading something 'all the time'. Was miffed to find it cost £11.99 but there again it's worth it.

I am currently reading Movements that change the world which opens with a wonderful account of the life of St Patrick. He was quite a man and I wonder if he liked Guinness?

Once every couple of months I send out an encouragement email to all the leaders I know and I included 'The call to endure' in this edition. Quite a bit of wisdom packed into an hour on surviving fruitfully.

Three people independently this month have told me their marriages are being blessed listening to these talks.

I had a joyous breakfast after our early morning prayer meeting. We prayed through Psalm 145 and ended by singing 'The Lord is gracious and compassionate'.

He is indeed.

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JG said...

On St. Patrick, I can't answer the question about Guinness but without a shadow of a doubt, he would have definitely tucked in to a wee shortbread in the shape of a shamrock. Genius idea using the three leafed sprig to explain the mystery of the trinity, in as much as anyone can unravel that profound mystery...