Monday, October 19, 2009

A Monday Ramble

On a Monday I try to start a bit slower (if I am not speaking in our school) It has been a busy 10 days-4 preaches, an Edwards essay, Alpha, IME, service leading and all the day job but God has been good.

One of the people who impressed me at the Summit was Gary Hamel. He is the world's leading business consultant. He did a wise thing and spoke on what he knows about. I am going to read his book -The Future of Management.

If you like your church 'Mega' or hope it may one day be so, you might be interested in Andy Stanley- here is a recommendation on his new book and a talk on a clear and compelling vision.

Collision is a film I am waiting for-here are some great out-takes.

Seth Godin advises us to make a decision.

Dave Ferguson lists some UK churches in his list of innovation and good to see my pals at HTB, Crooks and St Andrews getting a mention. Read these two-A Passionate Church and Breakout if you want some follow up.

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