Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lee Duckett, Todd Bentley and Lakeland Florida

I hope and pray I am discerning and we will all need to be in the coming days having watched this- be sure to keep the word of God close when the Spirit comes. Mark Driscol has a phrase I like and describes himself as a "charismatic with a seat-belt". The reason for this, he says, is because when the car crashes it stops you getting into a real mess. I suspect, perhaps, just maybe and I know might be speculating here, I think, and of course I may be wrong so humour me but Todd Bentley may just not be a seat-belt wearing kind of guy........

So, make of this what you will, but there are quite some stories of healings coming out of Lakeland Florida. I post this for the discerning to weigh and to encourage you to be prayerful and thoughtful. The second of these references Bill Johnson who, as some may know, was the key speaker this year at New Wine Leaders. Quite a few friends attended.

We must pray.

Thoughts and views welcome.

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Below is Rev Lee Duckett ( He'll no doubt liven up his Deanery Chapter meeting this month!!!!! )


Wayne Massey said...


Love the Driscoll line. Plug in the belt but make sure you start the engine!!!

Anonymous said...

I just came across this post 2 year late! I think those who called for discernment were very wise, whilst those who jumped in were left with egg on their faces. What a dreadful episode Lakeland was - a first-rate deception. Whilst Todd Bentley has dropped off the UK radar, the sad thing is that Bill Johnson (who endorsed him and is similarly dubious) is still speaking at New Wine events and is featured at the forthcoming Pentecost Festival in London. Very saddening indeed.