Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jesus Ministry Conference in Fulham

Last week a number of us from HT went to pray for folk at a conference at Christchurch Fulham. As some know, I went to Tacoma in July with my pal Peter who is a Vicar in Canada. We had an incredible time and were mightily blessed. Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way to the US as the same conference was put on in London so some 250 people attended. Praying for people is the greatest priviledge and our faithful gang prayed together with people from 12 other churches and it seemed to be a blessing.

The amazing thing is that this is a word of mouth witness to the goodness of God. It is not 'the latest thing' and is by no means the solution to the Chrsitian life in 4 days. However, it is life-changing in simply reclaiming some of the basic doctrines of the faith such as repentance. If you get the chance I would commend this as a fruitful way to spend four days, but be warned it is an unglamourous journey of discovering your sin and thankfully and wonderfully being gradually set free from it.

Thanks to all for all their efforts in putting it on and thanks especially to the crowd in Fulham who gave themselves selflessly all week.

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