Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back pain

I put my back out on Sunday morning doing an all-age sermon. I had to pick up a bag of sand and didn't realise it was so heavy. Hazards of the job I guess! It was part of our harvest service and one incident really made me laugh. At one point in the service all the kids from the local primary school had to bring there gifts to the front of church ( you know the sort of thing -tins, corn on the cob. tesco's tuna....). One little boy was late so he was ushered to the front reluctantly clutching a bag and asked to present his offerering. Trevor who was collecting things together at the front was surprised when the little boy leant forward and whispered that he didn't want to give his bag. Why? Trevor asked. " Because it's not food Rev Petterson- it's my football kit!" The danger of the presumptions of adults!

Spent yesterday in bed but got bored so got up and did some stuff. As a consequence still have a sore back which is not exactly surprising.

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