Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I was preparing a sermon on a fairly tricky passage in Luke 4. Half-way through I chatted with my friend David in Lewes and he drew my attention to Luke 5:16 which reads ....'But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed'...It struck me this morning that instead of spending all my time busy and reading commentaries I might take the Masters example and go off to a lonely place and pray. It does say the word 'OFTEN' which is somthing of a clue.

I have been going to the same lonely place for 15 years ( it in fact isn't that lonely as it is a park and on occasions is rather full of children and dogs!). The important thing is to be alone and I was cetainly that. I took my bible, journal and finished off a book I started yesterday called 'Strengthen yourself in the Lord' by Bill Johnson. It was a fruitful time and good reminder that I am not ordained to charge about all the time but to take time to pray and seek God and to remember the word OFTEN.

Perhaps that's where Jesus got his power.....now there's a thought for my sermon.


Lancaster Gardener said...

Cookie! How are you bro? I still keep coming to your blog... only way to communicate to you these days! :0)

revtmcg said...

if its a lonely place youre after come to wembley!