Sunday, February 28, 2021


1. I am aware I have not written here for a very long time. It's been quite a year hasn't it? I saw someone today who, whatever sort of year you've had personally, I don't think it's been a bad as the one they have had. There is something healthy about perspective. It is something that's escaped us in quite a few areas of life.

2. I am reading the 'Mountain Rain' and it's fired up my prayer life. If you live in post-Christian Europe this book has something to teach us about being missionaries.  

3. John Calvin is teaching me about prayer as I read about it in a big thick book he wrote five centuries ago. 

4. I've given up twitter and the air is clearer.

5. I was given the West Wing for Christmas and we are working through the whole thing slowly. At one point a character says 'If someone's shooting at you, you must be doing something right'.

6. We are preaching through the Beatitudes and it's struck me that 'meek' isn't a word we use any more.

7. Sometimes I order a book and am excited about it arriving. This one's called 'The J-Curve'.

8. The Pastor's Justification is healing for me. 

9. I watched a film about the church in Iran.

10. The way my wife reads the Bible and prays humbles me.

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