Thursday, April 02, 2020

And the Lamb Wins

And the Lamb Wins: Why the End of the World Is Really Good News ...

I have often spoken here at the blog of a book written by a pal that I think might be a helpful read for you. Someone said recently that you should play word count bingo for how many times you get a text or hear said the words 'for such a time as this'. However, this book really will be a timely addition to your bookshelf.

I have seen utter nonsense posted on-line in 'This is what the Lord is saying' videos, as Pastor X from Tulsa Ohio tells you (wrongly) what God's up to. Steven, who is our Assistant Pastor here in Barnes has a sermon series brewing on all this as he gets more and more frustrated by some of the things he's hearing. As he told me this, I recommended Simon's book to him which he now has to help restore his sensibilities and his soul.

You would do well to get yourself a copy of  'And the Lamb Wins' to keep you Jesus-focused, Scripture-saturated and prayerful in these 'stay at home days'.

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