Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday musing

Here is an apology to any readers I may still have left. I have been woefully erratic in posting and will try to approach 2017 with more frequency, content, my own writing and some creativity. The frustrating thing is there is lots of good content and musing to pass forward to you which I will do a bit of today:

1. I have been reading 'Hidden Christmas' and have not been able to get over the character of King Herod. It's birth (ing) my Christmas day sermon.

2. This is an extraordinary extract about Donald Trump which will make you no more confident of what the future may hold. Apparently, he has nine Christians in his cabinet.

3. I have got a new iphone after 6.5 years (cracked screen etc) which is exciting. The tech has moved on a little. Here are the 10 Best Free Apps of 2016

4. This is the time of year for books list and a good time to select some potential reading for 2017

5. John Piper on reading books by non-Christians

6. Ted on 'Depression, the secret we share' and an article on 'How to sleep'.

9. Getting ready to read  the Bible through in 2017- 5 Steps.

10. Rod Liddle on 'A new poverty'

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Unknown said...

It's all about quality, not quantity my friend! Love what I see here and so often so very encouraged by it.

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