Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday musing

I haven't been blogging for a bit so, at the prompting of a pal, thought I should post a ditty or two. Nice to missed.

I have preached a couple of sermons recently, one on heaven and one on trials, and the Lord has shown me grace for them. In the one on trials, I revisited my fathers time in a Korean POW camp as told by my Godfather in 'In Spite of Dungeons'. I nearly cried reading out a quote from it but managed to hold it together.

I am freshly reminded of my desire to at least finish, and at best to 'Finish Strong'.

Mrs C and I painted a room listening to a sermon on hell, Who said romance is dead?

I watched this and am yet to experience anyone offering to give me a private plane.

I've been mulling on this post and noted the interesting transition from alcoholic pastor to church consultant. Also, did I read that right? A $63m church budget......

An update on matters sexual in the C of E. On that same subject, Andrew Wilson has a recommendation for post of the year.

The song 'Good, Good Father' has got into my bones.

I love the Lewis quote at the end of this post.

The Discovery Bible Study is a simple but seemingly rather effective idea.

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