Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday bed-ridden musing

I've put my back out rather badly which is why the blog has been quiet but I hope to be up on my feet shortly. I have been flat out and alone (mostly) for 3 days which is an extroverts nightmare. Mrs C has been an excellent Florence Nightingale. It's also not very easy to type with your back flat which I am attempting today.....

Lots of time to think, some reading, I have been immersed afresh in Galatians, I've explored the idea of Bullet journalling, reflected on Michael Hyatt's ten favourite books, planned some stuff with a pal for our Men's ministry, mulled on what to cook for an event at church that I've agreed to cater, am finishing off 'Stop asking Jesus into your heart: How to know for sure you are saved', had some forced upon me time to stand back from my role (s) and so have been asking the question 'How can I best use my time and plan it better?' The appendix of a book called 'Date your wife' has a hundred ideas on that subject.  Oh, and I've been falling asleep to Martin Lloyd Jones sermons which I have found therapeutic and rest inducing (I fall asleep).

I am excited about Tim Keller's new book 'Making sense of God: An invitation to the sceptical' which looks like a good one for those with questions about God. It should come through the letter box tomorrow and you can watch him speaking about the ideas behind the book here. Also there is an interview 'Why Tim Keller wrote a prequel to The Reason for God'. For ages people have been saying to me that many of their friends are too far back to do Alpha which starts with the question 'Who is Jesus?' Now my answer will probably be- give them 'Making sense of God'.

It took me almost 10 years from giving up my business career to actually becoming a Vicar but as I reflect back it's been hard at times but so so worth it. The C of E are looking for more to follow in my footsteps. The church plant I adventured into is four years old this week. Too many to thank by name but you know who you are. Thank you for everything and for showing me such grace.

Ben Arment is a guy who wrote a book that helped me with some ideas as I planted our church and I listened to his podcast and he always makes me think. He's decided to write a novel.

A line that our new intern said when I interviewed her in church has stuck with many of us:

' I want to see what God can do with a year completely devoted to Him'

I have been revisiting my journalling which is something that I do that has sustained and encouraged me. Having read this post one sentence stuck with me.

'What happens to me is not as important as the meaning I assign to what happens to me'

Mrs C and I have been giving some attention recently to stewardship and this post will introduce you to a chappy called Dave Ramsey who is something of a guru on such matters.  An article in the Telegraph I read last week told me that 46% of lottery winners lose all the money within 5 years. We should give them the book of Proverbs with the cheque.

The TV show that has kept me company while on my back has been Madam Secretary. I do enjoy an American political drama. If only real politicians were more like their fictional counterparts.

I appreciated the post 'Why is preaching so hard?'

A pal sent me 'A guide to northern accents'.

A friend in our church dropped a book by Eugene Peterson called 'Travelling Light' though our letterbox, three bars of chocolate and a lovely postcard. I am so thankful for the saints of our church.

Finally, another dear friend sent me this Ted talk which is simply brilliant. Enjoy....


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