Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tuesday bits and bobs

1. I caught this on Radio 4 'Brexit and the English Reformation' which was fascinating.

2. Someone spoke to me recently about this book which looks interesting.

3. A carer looking after my mum's friend gave her the book of the story of her life which is called 'Ordinary people finding Jesus'.  My mum read it and then gave it to me. I have just started it.

4. This article is interesting entitled 'How to accomplish more by doing less'

5. An interesting piece on respected theologian Wayne Grudem endorsing Donald Trump.

6. The founder of Ted pick his 'Top 5 talks'

7. 'Nine ways to keep your prayer life fresh' and 'Nine ways to keep your Bible reading fresh'.

8. John Piper reflects on when it is right to leave a church.

9. Louie Giglio on burnout

10. What to do if you are in a spiritual dry spell.

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