Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday musing

We've have a bit of a pre-Christmas break so the blog has been quiet.

Lots in the news about war and bombing which Ian Paul has a view on.

I am always trying to learn how to encourage, develop and manage folk better and this was a help-
What amazing bosses do

Rev Barry Kissell had a powerful word for our joint-churches prayer meeting which has encouragement I think wider that just us. This from Russell Moore also struck me deep.

A pal put me on to this initiative to fight porn called 'Fight the new drug'. Fascinating links on how porn impacts the brain, relationships and society. If you have kids, sadly many of them are probably watching porn so you need to read this site.

Some pastors get lonely and yours might be one of them and this offers some good advice. Perhaps, think of a way to encourage your pastor/Vicar as the year comes to a close.

This book about being a pastor caught my eye,

Desiring God has its best books list which will now be coming in thick and fast.

A word to myself on what they need on Sundays. This is my passage for next week which will require some study methinks.

This is a healthy challenge to the C of E in the Guardian suggesting it needs to die to survive.

The Im-perfect pastor should be in every Vicar's stocking especially those who don't think it's for them.

'One of the lifelong privileges of our pastoral ministry in Jesus is learning to see people as people and ourselves as one of them' (p.41)

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