Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bits and bobs

I went on a Clergy day at St Mellitus which was a blessing and I now feel up to speed on matters theological specifically Paul and the NT.

One of our speakers was Chris Tilling who has contributed to this response to Bart Ehrman.

My ethics tutor at Vicar Factory Andrew has posted this in response to the ABC on gay marriage and violence.

Jonathan Martins sermon called 'Go' really blessed me.

Vicky Beeching, the media pundit and worship leader, has posted in support of Gay Marriage which is causing much twitter comment. She follows a road walked by other well-known and popular (post-?) evangelical figures such as Steve Chalke, Brian McLaren, Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell. I found this post a help which collected responses to Steve Chalke's take on Scripture and one clergy friend pointed me particularly to the Steve Holmes article in the list which I have now read. Some people have clearly not been very kind to Vicky though which is a shame (even if you think she's mistaken, which I do- do please try to be kind).

So that readers know, I take an orthodox and traditional view on marriage, through my reading of both Scripture and tradition, that 'Marriage', as Jesus stated it in Matt 19, is between a man and a women. When I studied at VF I found the chapter in Hays 'A moral vision of the NT' particularly helpful to me on issues of human-sexuality which you may like to seek out. The Bishops of the C of E, of which I am a part, have stated a position here which is the one we Clergy and individual local churches are currently working to and under.  


Norman said...

You seem to be publishing a great deal about gay marriage. AM I correct in thinking you are a supporter of gay marriage? Perhaps you could give us a statement.

David Cooke said...

Hi Norman, I've added a few additions to the post which I hope is a help.

Norman said...

Thanks for your comments.