Sunday, May 20, 2012

The most truthful thing

I share a quote from a new book I am reading written by my old Vicar. I share it because I want you to be blessed by it and because it holds within it everything our souls seem to be seeking. A real encounter with God.

Forgive us (me) that so much dead religion in its various forms has been and is being dished up by so many and to so many (but to rapidly reducing numbers in these days) as the gospel of Jesus. Forgive us too that, despite this, we persist in it anyway even though it brings so little transformation to hearts, lives, minds and society at large.

As Charlie quotes:

[Tony Jordan script writer of Eastenders and The Nativity] ...'speaks about his discomfort with 'organised religion', as he calls it; with people who say to me if you come through these doors, walk down this aisle, sit on that wooden bench, and sing these hymns in this order, I have got God in a little bottle under my pulpit and I'll let you have a look'. He says, 'I don't think that was God's intention.'

He concludes his findings so far about Jesus: 'The only thing I know for sure is that the words I read as coming from Jesus Christ are the most truthful thing I have ever read. As a blueprint for mankind, it is so smart that it couldn't ever have come from a clever philosopher.'

Epiphanies of the ordinary,
Charlie Cleverly, Page 27

You should read this book......

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Anonymous said...

Vicar - HAVE YOU YET PASSED 'A COPY' OF THIS TO PASTOR Rick Warren? If not try c/o e-mail address, with my own thanks! DAVE PHILLIPS in Reno, NV [U.S.A.]

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