Sunday, June 12, 2011

Praying for the city

It was wonderful to pray for this great city with 16K others in the O2 from countless cultures and churches. It was a tiny glimpse of heaven. We were blessed by so much but the Jesus House choir were something else. They have so much to teach us all about joy. Thanks too to the dear folk at HTB and the wonderful grace-filled worshippers of Hillsong for their passion for the gospel, their heart for this fine city and for their faith and prayer. This initiative marks a desire to reclaim Pentecost as the true festival of the church and last night made a great stride towards that end. Who knows where we will be next year. Wembley? The Olympic stadium even?

As Matt Redman notes in this interview there are a 1000 reasons to worship God and "...there is something special when the people of God in the presence of God meet to bring praises to God" Pick one of them and do join us next year and bring others with you.

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