Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The hills are alive

I have had some time on holiday in Switzerland seeing friends.

Bill recommended A million miles in a thousand years as the best book he has read this year. He says it makes you "want to live a better life" and I tend to agree. A stunningly good and uplifting read.

I watched a couple of films. Defiance tells a moving true story of some Jews in WW2 and Benjamin Button reverses the story of life.-clever stuff well told.

I have in the past recommended a band called Mumford and Sons and I saw Marcus by chance playing golf the other day. I am happy to report they are No 1 in the download charts.

You heard it here first.

I also recommend this superb album by Charlie Winston called Hobo.

If you want to spend time with someone who writes on Jesus and prayer do read this.

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