Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Juno is a great movie. Amidst a sea of rather uncreative, unimaginative and mediocre films comes this happy but real tale. Superb script, excellent soundtrack and Ellen Page plays the title role wonderfully. Do make the time to go and see it and I hope it warms your heart.

I have to do a project for another degree the Church of England seems to think I need. Does the church really need people with more degrees or more passion for Jesus? Anyway, I am doing something on preaching and have surveyed my church and am now starting to do a bit of reading. I am currently reading Communicating for a Change and also Positive preaching and the Modern mind. I apparently have to have not less than twenty books on my bibliography.

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Mark Collinson said...

Great to browse your blog... look forward to coming to your PhD graduation!