Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The return of the egg

A friend made me laugh when he commented on my views on eggs, the boiling of which has become much neglected. I read recently that in some parts of the country people are starting to suffer from malnutrition because of the impact of ready meals. The time of the egg is surely nigh. My grandfather was a great fan of 'the egg coddler' a true Victorian culinary classic which is well overdue for a comeback and is the perfect antidote to microwaved Asda lasagne. The coddler gives you the ability to boil an egg but without the anoyance of the shell and is perfect for a hearty breakfast or snack.

If someone doesn't defend the great traditions of the British kitchen table where will we all end up.

Give yourself a treat and go buy an egg-coddler!

1 comment:

Saju Muthalaly said...

I didn't realise that you are a egg fan cookie! I love em!