Saturday, December 09, 2017

Francis Chan: Why we all need the gospel

I am preaching on Rev 3 this week and re-listened to this sermon which shook me to my core when I first heard it a few years back. 


Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been struggling with exactly these questions and thoughts for a few weeks / months, and really doubting my own salvation.

Failing in your mission in life as a christian is a massively challenging experience. When you fail as a non christian, it doesnt assume the same massive proportions, but when you fail as a christian - its huge. If God has given you a calling, and then you go about trying to accomplish it with what faith and obedience you have - and you fail, it really calls everything into question. Have I got enough faith? Have I messed up somehow? Am I struggling under some family curse or something else like that? Did I even hear from God - or is it just my imagination? Am I even saved?

I dont feel like I instantly have the answer from watching this sermon - but at least Chan did a much better job of articulating this than I have managed.

Independent of watching this video clip, something I read years ago that was said by CS Lewis came to mind. He thought that if you only loved God for what he could and had done for you (salvation, blessing etc.) then you didnt really love Him. We can do absolutely nothing for God, and yet he loves us. Maybe we need to not worry about accomplishing our mission so much, and just focus on loving Him the way he loves us - just love Him for Himself.

David Cooke said...

Thanks you for this. Thought-provoking and very honest. Trust His grace to get you through. And be encouraged, it's grace that gets each of us started and it's grace that see us through.


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