Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Half a mill

1, I noticed on my sidebar that the blog has hit over 500K. It began on a wet afternoon in the Bodleian library. I have no idea who visits here and I only know of four people who are still reading it. Anyway, thank you for passing by from time to time....

2. I enjoy Matt Redmond's 'Random thoughts' and very often there is one sentence in his list that is worth a good ponder:

Christians should be more offended by unkindness and gossip than by culturally-conditioned profanity. Far more. 

3. I always enjoy a bit of Francis Chan. Here he is on the JW's :

4. Here is a quote about repentance which is my topic of the week:

'Repentance is not fundamentally a motion of the hands, mouth or feet; it is a motion of the heart in which we abandon our posture of rebellion and adopt one of submission toward Christ. Repentance is evidenced by outward action, but it does not equal that'

5. Neither Simon in his chapter on repentance in 'Different' nor J D Greear in 'Asking Jesus into your heart' are great fans of the sinners prayer. I think they would get on:

I think Peter and the apostles would laugh and then freak out at today's evangelical 'Sinner's prayer'- where the listener is encouraged to echo the preachers pithy penitential prayer, then raise a hand, while every eye is closed and every head bowed, before coming to collect a leaflet from the preacher. That only became de rigeur in the Victorian era. How are we to be sure the new birth has been given, a new life has come into existence? This model seems neither biblical nor fruitful- how many of those whose hand went up incognito became true disciples' p 183

I am mulling on the repentance chapters in both books (which are excellent by the way) and I am someone who 'prayed the prayer' and here we all are. However, there is of course a little more to the story than that.....

6. I sent this talk to someone after a long discussion about the difference between religion and the good news of Jesus.

7. In the context of point 5, A W Pink prayed this prayer at the end of one of his sermons.

Why not believe in him for yourself? Why not trust his precious blood for yourself; and why not tonight? Why not tonight my friend? God is ready, God is ready to save you now if you believe on him. The blood has been shed, the sacrifice offered, the atonement has been made, the feast has been spread. The call goes out to you tonight, 'Come, for all things are now ready' A Life, p.52-53

8. Simon references his favorite preacher James S Stewart in 'Different' and blow me down here is a post on him. Si sent me this book when I got ordained.

9. As I have been studying holiness of late this prayer and insight hit me. It's the gospel in a couple of sentences:

Augustine's famous prayer, 'Give what you command, and command what you will,' expressed a profound insight into biblical theology. God does indeed give what he commands; the holiness which He required of His people is also His gift to them. God himself sanctifies sinners.' 18 Words, p.170

10. Mrs C is still reading bits of 'Dirty Glory' out to me. Did I mention at all that you really should read this book......

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