Tuesday, March 07, 2017


1. I've spent the day talking and learning about mission. Here is the quote that has stuck with me:

'Mission takes place when we honour the presence of the Spirit in ordinary believers' 
Roland Allen

2. I've reread a chapter in 'Different' about kindness and it made me pray to be a kinder man and also that our church would be a place where people meet with kindness.

'Abraham Heschel once wrote that when he was young he admired intelligent people, but as he grew older what impressed him most was meeting kind people.' p, 99

3. I am musing on the fact that the early church managed to grow without a snazzy website.

4. Preaching a sermon called 'The Free Gift' in a church I attended for many years made me cry but I pulled myself together eventually.

5. Imagine a life and achievements that sought not to be remembered.

6. I enjoyed 'On my bookshelf' and am often blessed by David Murray's blog.

7. Someone sent my wife this who then sent it to me. We are looking at 'How and why should I read the Bible?' tonight at Alpha.

8. If you were picking a starter book to read, this might be the most helpful.

9. This sentence from 'Grace in practice' has lingered:

'The past resolved gives the present its only chance' p. 13

10. I chatted with a dear pal who attended a Korean pastors prayer meeting held in his church. He told me what struck him was they prayed with 'expectancy' that God would answer. Expectancy.Years ago, I read this book and feel I should dig it out again.

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