Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thursday thougths

1. An unlikely source of fundraising wisdom

2. The Bishop of London's lecture has been much commented on with good reason. I hope the Diocese of Southwark (the other half of London) might give ear to some of it's lessons as we appear to be in steep attendance decline and financial free-fall (we carried a deficit of nearly £1m last year).

3. Some good thoughts on discipleship

4. Karen's talk on law and grace is a blinder.

5.Three clever pastors chew on the question of suffering.

6.'Praying the bible' has got me immersed in the Psalms anew.

7. Spent the day with J John who has booked the Emirates for a mission 

8. A moving and sad story from the Ashley Madison affair (via Mark Meynell)

9. The most important verse in the Bible? Suggestions for alternatives on a postcard please......

10. We have Tom Elliot with us tomorrow at HT Barnes which should be fun.

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Saturday blog-sweep

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