Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Prayer, books and an immersion

1. I baptized my son on Sunday. Michael Green's little book on baptism that I read at Vicar factory helped me get my head around questions of infant vs adult baptism.

2, I am finding Kenneth's Bailey's book 'Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes' a huge treasure trove for my sermon on the Lord's prayer. He has also done one on Paul.

3. The many debates about human sexuality and the church have a backdrop about whether or not scripture has authority. I re-listened to Keller's talk on the Bible which was very helpful to me as well as reading this at Jesus Creed.

4. "Ninety-five percent commitment to Christ is 5 percent short" Bill Hybels in 'The Call to Lead'

5. I am teaching on a weekend away on the book of Daniel and have found 'Against the flow' by John Lennox to be a tremendous resource.

'Surely it is but elementary spiritual logic that if we wish to persuade others that God is real and that it is possible to have a vibrantly meaningful relationship with him, we shall have to be personally loyal to God and his Son and adjust our lives to be consistent with our fundamental Christian confession, "Jesus Christ is Lord."'

Against the flow, Page 59

6. I can't get the song Waiting Room out of my head from Daniela Hogger's new album Arms Wide Open

7. I bought a Blok induction speaker in Hamley's. No idea how it works but it's amazing.

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