Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ten things for a Tuesday

1. Do you lose yourself when you have kids?

2. I am very slowly working my way through 'The Road to Character'. Much like reading this book- character takes time to cultivate. I underlined this little observation of Dwight Eisenhower most recently:

"When  I go to a new station I look to see who is the strongest and ablest man on the post. I forget my own ideas and do everything in my power to promote what he says is right." Later in 'At Ease', he wrote, "Always try to associate yourself closely and learn as much as you can from those who know more than you, who do better than you, who see more clearly than you." He was a fanatic about preparation and then adaptation: "The plans are nothing, but the planning is everything. " he would say. Or "Rely on planning, but never trust plans"

(Page 63)

3. I listened to Bill Johnson's sermon called 'Prayer strategies' and he was very bold and clear on human sexuality post the SCOTUS ruling. I still think he too often speaks in riddles but it's refreshing to hear a movement leader showing courage to hold to Scripture (imagine a Bishop in the C of E opening a talk like this)

4.  Planned parenthood a week on

5. I have been reading about Nagaland

6. Some thoughts on 'Being on the wrong side of history'

7. Dick Lucas has an ABCD

8. Does anyone think they pray enough?

9. This post is an interesting reflection on Perry Noble's thoughts on how to know when your church is in trouble.

10. Tim Farron awakens media scorn against Christians and may now be the best known Christian in the land.

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