Saturday, July 04, 2015

Saturday blog-sweep

We had a few days off and I grew a holiday goatee.....Mrs C is not as appalled as she thought she would be and has started calling me Rick. Facial hair is all very Vineyard :)

The difference between shyness and introversion

A primer on Apple Music

I am going to try and use 3 Circles on a napkin in the next week or two and I'll let you know how it goes.

Some good questions you should let someone ask you

Hoping for love

40 Questions for Christians now waving rainbow flags and James McGrath has collected together some responses to Kevin de Young's questions.

Can we do better than 'the Eucharistic prayer' and volunteer management?

Don't take down the fence until you know why it's there and 50 resources for equipping the church for same-sex marriage for lots of articles all gathered in the same place through the wonder of the internet.

I particularly enjoyed reading 'Some advice on Same-sex marriage from a Canadian'

I am reading 'The road to character' by David Brooks and here Brooks has some views on the culture wars which makes for an interesting read. Also in very interesting reflection on Russell More's piece on cultural Christianity.

Jon Acuff has read this book ten times which got me wondering about writing a 'read more than once' book list.

Petertide call to pray

And there is always an interesting bit and bob at 'Q marks the spot'

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Saturday blog-sweep

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