Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The one thing necesary

Serve God love me and men

This is not the end

Live unbruised we are friends

And I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Sigh no more, no more

One foot in sea, one on shore

My heart was never pure

you know me

you know me

Sigh no more
Mumford and Sons

Every time I do a funeral, or indeed every time you attend one, each one of us connects afresh with our mortality. As the coffin lowers into the ground the thought that crossed my mind yet again is that this will be me one day. As the undertaker said to me as we drove to the cemetery 'No one likes to speak of death these days'. Of course, the reality is that for all of us our time is finite and as I prayed 'Give us the wisdom and grace to use aright the time that is left to us here on earth. (Common Worship Service and Prayer, p. 265) it's for me too. I quoted these lyrics in my talk, as I was speaking to a good number of musicians and rock and rollers, though I am not sure everyone entirely approved of my band choice as they more a more punk than folk crowd. The Eulogy given was very moving and heartfelt. 

Death cannot but lead us to reevaluate our priorities. 

I am personally still dwelling on the final chapter of Crazy busy that is entitled 'The one thing you must do' which references the story of Martha and Mary. 

It says of Mary that she did 'the one thing necessary (Luke 10:42). 

Here's the question I am asking myself (and the church I pastor) as January 2015 runs its course. 

What is my/our 'one thing necessary'?

'I am more a more convinced that what gives a ministry its motivations, perseverance, humility, joy, tenderness, passion, and grace is the devotional life of the one doing ministry. When I daily admit how needy I am, daily meditate on the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and daily feed on the restorative wisdom of his Word, I am propelled to share with others the grace that I am daily receiving at the hands of my Saviour'  (Crazy Love, p 116-117)

So writes Kevin de Young quoting Paul Tripp's 'Dangerous Calling'. He then follows it with this sentence

'Maybe devotion to Christ is really the one thing that is necessary.'

There's a challenge to my priorities and maybe it's a challenge to yours too?

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