Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Blog-sweep

Making this for supper....

A pal says The Virgin Monologues is the best thing she has read on Christian singleness.

Churches oppose three person baby plan

Famous workspaces via Jesus Creed

The biggest obstacle to spiritual formation

The Foremost

24 Free Ebooks on everything from C S Lewis to Spiritual leadership and Abortion (I read two great stories about Hudson Taylor and George Mueller in 'The Marks of a Spiritual Leader p 11-15)

Four ways to become a terrible pastor

Stephen Fry on God being a Maniac

I re-watched Jamie Oliver's TED talk with Mrs C

The Best jobs for all 16 Myers Briggs Types

Top 10 Christian albums of 2014

As Valentines day approaches here are some Stupid things to say to singles

I've pre-ordered 'Scary Close' after reading this post which really blessed me. Part of it has ended up in tomorrows sermon.

Do you believe God will save your kids? and 13 ways to waste your money

Archbishops of Canterbury and York warn of collapse and do make sure you read 21 things to do while you are not multiplying churches

A mobile phone contract for our daughter

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