Monday, July 14, 2014

Who should be the first women bishops?

Last night, I went to listen to these two remarkable women and the authors of this book. I will 'For the pod' it when it is uploaded.

-They both had amazing conversions
-They both studied theology in Turkey
-They both love their nation and returned to it to win it for Christ at great personal risk.
-They single-handedly distributed 20K NT's around Tehran door to door at night.
-They planted a network of house churches- including one among prostitutes.
-They were arrested and imprisoned.
-They led most of their fellow-prisoners to Jesus.
-They were miraculously freed.
-They now have a globally influential ministry on behalf of the persecuted church.

If the C of E is looking for a couple of women bishop's, as they will be after today, then these two are top of my list. As it is, they will probably pick a frightfully nice and competent liberally-disposed ex-dean of a cathedral in her mid-50's with a Phd from a redbrick university somewhere in the West-Midland's. Such is life.


Anonymous said...

Powerful and prophetic post, Cooks -

I have always said the issue is not whether we have women Bishops but who we have as women Bishops. For me the argument for is proven based on the apostolic leadership in Rom16 where Paul addresses himself to the shared apostolic leadership in Rome - including Junia & Priscilla.

The fact is, we have no male Bishops and no "women waiting in the wings Bishops' who have a testimony like these apostolic women in your post.

In fact, do we have any clergy in the CofE with a testimony and with fruit like theirs? I've been ordained 20 years and I've not met any!


David Cooke said...

Thanks Si. Totally agree that 'who' a bishop is really matters. I have just posted the interview which is well worth a watch.

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