Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday Musing

 The digital deadly sins are brilliant.

This sentence from 'The Cross and the Switchblade' has lingered with me:

'As quietly as that, a new ministry was born. Like most things born of the Spirit, it came simply, humbly without fanfare' (P. 80)

My mother-in-law can't put 'If God is for us' down.

If you are a mum and you are looking for a way to a slower, simpler life this might be a good read.

10 Bible promises for parents.

Sometimes, all you need is the music which is perhaps why I am starting to love 'Without words'

A Vicar Factory pal and encourager Sean Doherty was instrumental in establishing 'Living out' (you can watch him, and his wife Gaby, speak about his being someone who is same-sex attracted whilst also being married with children).

He recently spoke on the subject of 'Sexual Integrity'.

I spoke on abortion a couple of weeks ago- a subject that is not spoken of here anywhere near as much as it is in the States.

Nicky Gumbel quoted this from a former Bishop of Kensington in the BiOY the other day:

'These are not the problems associated with the ministry, they are the ministry'

Until Saturday, I had never heard of Cursillo.

I pray that I might one day have that 'Indefinable, Indescribable, Something.'

Today, if you are interested, I am pondering 'The Seven Characteristics of Evangelistic Christians'. Oh, and I am also meeting with my Archdeacon.

Maybe creation was just an accident but looking at these I'm not so sure.

If you read one Psalm this week why not make it 27. Here's a tip. Read it slowly two or three verses at a time- pausing for a good bit of silence and responsive prayer between chunks. Then, as the say on the shampoo bottle- 'Rinse and repeat'

Have a fruitful week :)

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