Friday, September 30, 2011

School reunion

Last night was my school reunion. Now that really is an odd experience. I thought to give you a flavour of the night I would share a selection of the things people said to me. These quotes are verbatim for real:)

"I am in IT services and live in Chobbam. Dreadfully dull I know"

"I've got seven kids and a grandchild"

"Actually, I'm gay, an accountant and my partner and I like playing golf"

"I am still a stockbroker but hope to get out by the time I'm 50"

"I was a complete prat at school-it's rather nice to have the chance to apologise"

"All I remember about you from school is you were fun so it's odd that you ended up a Vicar"

"Oh, you're a Vicar. I became a Christian through the gay underground church in Watford"

"You must remember him. Weirdest thing- he died of a brain aneurysm aged 29. Just dropped dead just like that. A complete gonna"

"I have made tons of money so I am thinking of moving to Devon and buying a farm"

"I can tell you but don't for God's sake tell anyone else. I've started going to church in Teddington"

"I do go to church but for me it's a private thing"

"My wife once pointed at you in a school photo, asked who you were and told me she thought were really quite good-looking"

"Are you one of those happy clappy's"

"Wow, it must be so cool to have a calling"

"The wife's a Catholic. The services are irresponsibly dull but we have to go to get the kids into the school"

"Did we do French together?"

"I'm in hedge funds. What about you?"

"Funny how we all so easily lost touch"

"I have a grass treatment franchise. I just wish it was organic"

"I remember jumping out of an aeroplane in a parachute with you. What were we? Fifteen"

"You know you are getting old when you are teaching your friend's kids at A level"

"Are we absolutely sure that the fat bald bloke was at school with us?"

"So tell me. What happened?"

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