Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tonight is our Alpha supper and it has got me thinking about 'apologetics'.

I used that word chatting to a friend and she said that she had no idea what it actually meant. So here is a definition: it's ...'the branch of theology concerned with the defence and rational justification of Christianity' .

These days there are so many resources available to Christian's to enable them to defend and justify faith. A new resource I spotted is Douglas Groothius's Christian Apologetics that you might like to get hold of.

Here are some more for any budding apologists. 

1. These talks

2. John Lennox Gunning for God

3. McGraths The Dawkins Delusion

4. The New Dictionary of Apologetics

Arguably the world's leading apologist, William Lane Craig, is coming to this fine city as part of 'The reasonable faith tour' and I have invited a couple of pals to the debate at the Methodist Central Hall on 'Does God Exist?' on October 17th.

Why not ask a sceptical friend or two and come too.

(H/T A faith to live by)

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