Sunday, August 07, 2011

Two paradigms of prayer

"The paradigm that is far more commonly accepted among Christians today is what I call the "Get things from God" paradigm. What's the point of prayer? Well, to get something from God He might be willing to give. And that something usually is a blessing that, if given, will make our lives more comfortable. A better job, more money, a loving spouse, expanded ministry-the list is long. So we pray much. We babble on.

There is another way. The second paradigm for prayer, anticipated by the prophets (see especially Habakkuk), taught by Jesus and practiced by Paul, sees prayer as a unique opportunity to get to know God better, to surrender gladly to His will and to depend on the Spirit to advance His will through a way of relating to others. We might call it the "Get to know God Better" paradigm for prayer.

....This book is a call to shift our paradigm of prayer. After buying into the wrong one for so long living in a Christian culture that promotes and assumes it in a thousand ways, the shift may be difficult for many of us, it's a new paradigm. It may be a brand-new thought- and a radical one- that prayer is getting more of God rather than getting more from God"

[The Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb, Page 70-71]

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