Friday, May 13, 2011

Impassioned for youth work

The average age of a bum on a seat in the Church of England is something like 59 in cities and 62 in rural areas. In summary, disgracefully old. One inspiring man swimming against this tide is Mike Pilavachi who leads Soul Survivor. He has an extraordinary passion to raise up and train young leaders in this generation.

When asked how you do that he says:

1. Choose them
2. Encourage them
3. Love them
4. Die for them

A few years ago I remember hearing an American Vineyard Pastor speak at a leadership conference and describe his astonishment that churches in the UK are still allowed to work in schools.  He said that if this were true of the U.S he would do nothing else.

Bill Cuhusac knows more about schools work than most and here are a couple of really helpful posts.

1. How to start a schools work

2. How to speak to teenagers

This week our wonderful youth worker suggested I listen to this called Imparting a passion: a challenge to youth workers. 

I wonder what you will make of it?

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