Monday, May 02, 2011

For the pod

I haven't done a 'For the pod' for a while. I have listened to a few things while driving a lot hither and thither.

I really enjoyed Dr Johnny Hunt who is a tub-thumping Baptist from Georgia who preaches with the sort of gusto and fire I love. Fantastic lilting voice. I will be very disappointed to find out he doesn't wear a grey suit and tie:) The talks called a biblical portrait of a true disciple are great and particularly the first one which has as good a description of what it means to be born again as I have heard in a while.

I am immersed in Romans 9-11 and it is complex but wonderful stuff. The talk on How to submit to the righteousness of God has a fascinating explanation of how to parent from the place of grace. Any of you trying to raise kids under grace not law would do very well to listen to this helpful teaching.

A pal recently went to speak at the Colombus Vineyard and this talk on having a effective prayer life is a good one. Love the preachers passionate ability to communicate the importance of prayer.

I love preachers who make much of grace and what I have heard about Renovatus I really like. This talk on Gideon is superb and do listen to it for an affirmation and understanding of your calling.

If you haven't watched this Easter Sermon you should. Phenomenal, simple and powerful presentation of the gospel to 17.5k. I am going to hear Driscoll teach on Wednesday which will be fun.

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