Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Culture Watch: Jay Z

I had the thought this morning listening to the Today programme that one day Jay Z might be President of the USA. He has interested me for a while since I watched a BBC documentary on him and I then saw him play Wembley (finger on the pulse me:) He is a role model for millions, fashion icon, billionaire (when you add in Mrs Jay Z who happens to be Beyonce) and is now a writer. He has launched a decoding scavenger hunt for those who want to read his book. When, as a rapper, you find yourself being interviewed on Radio 4 on the most serious news programme in the land your career is either over or it's time for us all to sit up and take notice. So Jay Z for President- you heard it here first....

As an aside, our new website has a blog and we should all it seems be off to see Africa United.

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