Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Children's books, Prayer and a Song

A pal of mine has sent me a fraction of a book he has birthed in recent months and I have to say it is really rather good. Years ago, I spotted a talk by Keller on some website that he had given about J R R Tolkein and never got around to listening to it. Then I couldn't find it again. How happy am I that I have found it once again thanks to Mark Meynell. I immediately recommended The Significance of J R R Tolkein to my friend.

I have been meeting with some dear friends to pray for over a decade. We say we meet once a month but to be honest it is every other (although remarkably we are meeting again in November which will be a first). I so value their encouragement. Find a few friends to pray and be real with- it's a lifeline. Anyway, as we were leaving, one of our number played us a song. He said that he discovered it on an album his wife had bought and in recent weeks it has become his prayer. It took some finding but I too plan to make it my prayer. It is called Bones. 70p well spent.

Sometimes there are sermons that require courage to preach. This was as good a preaching of grace and truth as you will hear for Part 5 and it rightly fell to the Rector himself to do this one. Lesley, whose blog I greatly enjoy and is wonderfully challenging and thoughtful (even though I disagree with just about everything she writes) won't I fear like this sermon and I wonder too what President Josiah Bartlett would make of it?

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Claire S said...

Hello David, the link to Tolkien doesn't work...

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