Monday, December 15, 2008

A smile, a read and a photo.

One reader has complained that my blog has been a little serious of late. This video of Viral Videos of 2008 can never be accused of that and offers you a reminder of how diverse humanity can be! Obama's words set to the tune of Rick Astleys 'Never gonna give you up'-inspired stuff . Should generate a Christmas smirk ( but odd in parts and some lively language in the last clip).

Before watching it here are some weighty 2008 book recommendations from the Westminster bookstore to quickly return the gravitas. Advice from the Internet Monk on the strains and stresses of a young family and church that includes 115 views on how to cope. If this is you, I don't think you are alone! For those in commerce here are Business Weeks best books of 2008

Finally, check out these picture from the Hubble space telescope 'Advent Calender'-they will take your breath away.

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